Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt

Grave For Sale & Aloha in Hell

Grave for Sale is not only a band that nails the surf sound down to it's core, but one that conciously strides to be more than just perpetuators, but rather inovators of it, creating a more trippy soundscape, in a psychedelic sense, and imbuing it with synth sounds, electric piano, a Bontempi keyboard we found thrown away in the trash, trumpet and drum beats which are more often found in trip hop, wave and even down tempo doom, alongside more consecrated elements such as voice samples, reverb drowned guitar and the beloved Too Ta Ta Too Ta drum beat. Altough most of our songs are instrumental, we do sing, but only when it really benefits the song. Everything you hear or see from us is DIY and, as a result, we like to think it's delicously lo-fi. Also many have said that our music would make for a great Tarantino soundtrack.

Grave For Sale klingen so.

Auch im neuen Jahrzehnt ist das legendäre Rock´n Roll Trio Aloha in Hell wieder Live on Stage zu erleben!
Bereits seit 1994 gibt das Trio „Aloha in Hell“ Surf Instrumentals, Rock´n Roll und Rockabilly Songs auf ihre ganz besondere Weise zum Besten.
Kein X-ter Authentik-Abklatsch sondern auf ihre eigene Art und Weise mit viel Spielfreude und Garagefaktor!
Neben Eigenkompositionen werden in musikalischer Verbundenheit zur Subkultur der fünfziger und sechziger Jahre auch bekannte Songs der Ära interpretiert.

Einlass: 20 Uhr